5 Things You Can do Today To Improve Your Credit Score

Is your credit score bad? Are you scared that you won’t be able to apply for the house loan which you needed so badly? Don’t worry.

While having a bad credit score could prove problematic and stressful, it is certainly not the end. You can follow the remediation steps immediately to repair your Credit Score. We’d recommend finding a bunch of reputed credit repair companies like Lexington Law to help you through it but if you’re willing to go the DIY way then we’ve got you covered on that.

How can you do that? Here are 5 simple ways to repair your Credit Score quickly:

Pay off your debts

The first and foremost step would be to pay off all your dues and debts. If you have many debts piling up on your credit card which is past their due date or would be soon enough, then it is time to clear it all up. Make sure that you get your credit card usage back to 30%.

If you have money then it will be easy enough for you, clear all your debts before you make any new purchases. If you are short on money, then you might need to sell a few of your personal belongings but make sure you don’t have any debt hanging over your head.

Debts and dues impact your Credit Score greatly and paying them on or before time can really boost your score.

Get a copy of your Credit Score

Another thing which you must do is to get an annual copy of your Credit report from the credit reporting agencies. This will help you in determining what is affecting your credit score balance negatively and then you can work on it to repair it.

Unless you know which account or debt is hurting your credit score, you won’t be able to take the remediation steps. So go get your credit score copy now!

Make sure there are no errors on your Credit Score

Once you have your Credit Score copy you need to check if all the data is correct or not. Sometimes the agencies make some mistakes and add an incorrect date of debt payments which hurts your credit score intensely.

In such cases, it is better to write to the credit agency or the creditor who made this report and inform them of the error and get it rectified immediately. Removing errors from your credit score could get your score back up by almost 30 points. Lexington Law is pretty popular for auditing errors in credit score, visit their blog for recommendations on how to go about it yourself.

Seek help from Creditors

If there is a bad debt or account collection on your Credit Report, don’t lose hope it is not the end. You can fix this with persistence and hard work. The first thing to do would be to try and negotiate with the creditor and ask his help in getting the bad debt removed.

If you are suffering from sudden monetary issues, then the creditors might also help you in lowering your monthly payments. There are endless possibilities, reach out to your creditor and see what all options you have.

Don’t apply for a new Credit Card

If you are already suffering from a bad Credit Score, then it would be better to avoid applications for a new credit card as these tend to invoke multiple inquiries which could really hurt your credit score. Avoid any new application for a few months until your credit score is better again.

If you have any doubt regarding the credit score feel free to contact us here.

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Introdiction of the Company

Our Company was originally incorporated as a public limited company on 4th October 1982 as “Modi Udyog & Investment Limited” in the state of West Bengal under the Companies Act, 1956 vide Corporate Identification Number (CIN) L51226WB1982PLC035312 issued by the Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. The name of the Company changed from “Modi Udyog & Investment Limited” to “Modi Udyog Limited” on 29th April 1986.

Date of Incorporation: 4th October 1982
Date of certificate of Commencement of Business: 17th November 1982
Type of Company: Company Limited by shares
Place of ROC: Kolkata
CIN : L51226WB1982PLC035312

Located At

18B, Brabourne Road, 2nd Floor,
Kolkata – 700001
Email Id: modiudhyogltd@gmail.com
Phone No: 033- 40081135

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How to login at Scottrade

Scottrade was founded in 1980 by Rodger. O. Riney, the present CEO. It is a reputed discount brokerage firm that operates at various geographical locations through their retails branches.

Headquartered in Missouri, the bank initially offered no investing advice in its early days. They took orders over the phone. Soon they expanded they retail and transform their services and besides retail branches, Scottrade now provides online banking facility as well.

As of the current financial stats, Scottrade has about 1.1B USD as its revenue and a fantastic employee strength of more than 3800. For ordinary banking or brokerage options, this bank can be more than just an automatic choice as it leverages on the intelligentsia of its advisors, who come with several years of valuable experience in this field. One can definitely get in touch with them to manage a perfect portfolio and also get assisted rightly regarding investments or stock trading.

Few services offered by Scottrade bank include:

  • Easy transfer of brokerage account. Refund up to 100 USD in other broker transfer fees on opening a new account with Scottrade.
  • Investment consultancy and financial advisory services.
  • Mobile trading facility.
  • Online and mobile banking service.
  • Retirement and IRAs.
  • ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs.
  • International investing.

Important information related to Scottrade bank:

Routing Number: 081086674

Swift Code: USBKUS44IMT

Customer Care Number: 800.619.7283

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scottrade.mobile.retail&hl=en

iPhone app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scottrade-mobile/id657861657?mt=8

Link to online banking page: https://trading.scottrade.com/?act=logoff

More Resources:

Useful guidelines for first-time online banking users

Traditional bankers opine differently about online banking as they often have a nice personal relationship with the bank officials. They visit the retail branch from time to time and also firmly believe it is much safe with less scope of fraudulent interventions. However, on a larger whole, online banking is highly beneficial. It saves valuable time and makes banking a very convenient experience. Quite in contrast to branch banking, there is no unnecessary delay and one need not stand in a queue.

Environmentally too, it is friendly as electronic transactions are paperless and reduce vehicle traffic in public.

Scottrade bank offers online banking option and has a highly secure platform for its users. One can be assured of the transactions or payments and practically there are no chances of fraud activities.

If you are a first time user, have a look at the simple steps to get started with online banking.

Source: Banklogr’s Scottrade Login tutorial

Step 1: The prerequisite for online banking is to have an account with Scottrade. One needs to open a new bank account in case they do not have any with Scottrade.

Step 2: On successfully opening a bank account, a welcome kit is provided to the customers. The welcome kit contains the account number and password for logging in to the online account.

Step 3. On the home page, find the option ‘’Customer Login’’. Enter the account number and password in the spaces provided and from the drop-down box, and select the page you want to view. Click on ‘’login’’ and enter your account.

You can log in any time using this password, but it is advisable to change it after the first login. This ensures security at your level as well. For any queries or information, one can dial the customer care and get navigated rightly.

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How to Invest In Stocks For Greatest Returns

Have you ever wondered how the stock market works or have you ever thought about how to invest in stocks?

Nowadays, the stock market is the hottest investment option because of its very lucrative nature.

For beginners, it can be so inviting but at the same time, intimidating. Starting an investment in the stock market may seem so simple but the fact is; it takes knowledge, patience, the determination as well as the full understanding of the ins and outs of the stock market in order to succeed. There are lots of stock market investment opportunities that you can come across and each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.


To succeed in the stock market, there are various key tips to consider. First off, you must understand that stock market investing is simple and literally anyone can do it. But remember, you should know how to invest in stocks and know what you are doing otherwise, you lose. Second is to understand that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect way’ to invest in the stock market as well as there is no ‘perfect’ stock or investment product that you can choose. A good rule of thumb is that the greatest investment options are those that you are comfortable and confident with and the one’s that constantly delivers results and consistently meet your goals.

Once you already have a solid background and knowledge on how to invest in stocks, choosing stocks now can be easier and you sure will have better judgment. Here are smart tips you can follow in stock investing:

• Save Money This is the basic rule when investing in stocks. Though you don’t need to save a lot for your first stock investment, to become a serious investor you need to follow a regular investment plan. You can start by investing as little as $50 per paycheck. However, when opening an account in most brokerage, they usually require a $500 or $1,000 initial deposit. So, if for now you can’t deliver that amount, you can start saving as much as you can until you can fund your brokerage account. Imagine saving $50-$100 per paycheck, in just a few weeks, you can be up and running.

• Build a Strategy – Having an investment strategy will greatly help you in achieving your goals. What are your goals? Are you investing in stocks for growth? For a down payment on a house? For speculation? For retirement or for college? In addition, are you investing a set of amount of money every month or are you going to ‘time’ the market?

• Open a Stock Account – Once you have set your strategy and you have saved money, it’s time to open your stock account. There are many reputable online brokerage companies that allow you to invest, without having to pay absorbent fees that some of the offline brokers charge .

• Fund your Stock Account – Once you have opened a stock account, the next move is to send money to it. A fast and most convenient way to do this is to have a direct link between your checking/savings account and your brokerage. This way, you can automatically transfer funds every paycheck or every month or manually transfer money when available.

• Choose and Purchase Stock or Mutual Funds – Probably, this is the toughest area of investing since there are several different investments where you can choose from. In general, there are five basic types of assets that most investors settle for in their lifetime and these are – common stocks (owner of businesses), preferred stocks (special stock type that usually pay high dividends but have limited upside), bonds (corporate bonds, municipal bonds, US government, etc.), money markets, real estate investment trusts or REITs and mutual funds.

Following these tips, you should be able to go about on how to invest in stocks smoothly. There is no better way to succeed in stock market investing than to keep educating yourself about the latest in the market. As you go along, you sure will be able to pickup golden bits of information and techniques that will help you become more profitable in the stock market.

Stay tuned on Modi Udyog for more stocks investment tips.

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Methods to chop Property Insurance Rates

Property insurance costs have been receiving the rise within the last couple of years, but you will find many approaches to lower your rates. Insurance providers have experienced large deficits from disasters like surges, and residential insurance rates happen to be elevated to recuperate profits. Looking around the insurance coverage market, enhancing risks and improving your payment method are fast and simple ways to save cash on property insurance.

Property insurance offers valuable protection for your house and belongings, and it is an incorrect economy to lessen cover levels to save money. If the worst should happen, its great to achieve the satisfaction you have insurance to correct your house and replace your possessions. The next simple methods can lead to lower rates without compromising cover.


1)Dont renew your overall cover. Lots of people think that their insurance carrier will give them a break for loyalty, especially if they havent designed a claim. The truth is many insurance providers offer new customer discount rates, and existing clients may really pay greater rates to resume. The house insurance market has transformed considerably recently, and grocery stores like Tesco and Asda have elevated competition. Supermarket home insurance plans are underwritten by large the likes of AXA, and they’re every bit as good as individuals from traditional sources. Look around to find the best deal at renewal, and do not be afraid to change companies each year.

2)Search for dual policy discount rates. Most home owners arrange a structures insurance plan along with a separate policy to pay for their house contents. Many insurance providers provide a discount if you purchase both guidelines from their store, which can conserve to 20 % off your premium. Some companies offer further discount rates should you also purchase your vehicle insurance from their store. Banks and building communities have typically offered the least expensive structures insurance policy, however this has become altering with new newcomers towards the market. Make use of a comparison web site to look dual policy discount offers.

3)Dont purchase cover its not necessary. Insurance providers are continually searching for methods to make their guidelines more appealing, which frequently means adding cover extensions. Some guidelines include generous cover garden tools, collections of belongings, pieces of art and products used from the home. If you do not need this kind of cover a far more fundamental home insurance plan will most likely be cheaper to purchase.

4)Insure for that correct value. Lots of people believe that they must insure their house for that market price. A structures insurance plan must have an amount insured that reflects the price to rebuild your home. The market price and repairing cost are usually completely different, and when you insure for that wrong figure you might be having to pay an excessive amount of for the structures insurance. If uncertain, make contact with a surveyor or insurance agent to verify the number you should insure your house for.

5)Boost the policy excess. Raising your house insurance plan excess is a straightforward method to lessen the premium. Most insurance comparison you can request quotes with various excess levels, so that you can instantly begin to see the potential saving. Consider choosing high excess levels, and don’t forget that you may have to locate this amount of cash if you want to claim.

6)Search for special discount rates. Insurance providers prefer to insure houses with higher security along with other features which reduce the risk of claims. Fitting approved locks to doorways and home windows can attract generous discount rates on some home insurance plans. Smoke sensors and burglar sensors may also attract premium discount rates.

7)Take a look at payment techniques. Many people prefer to pay their house insurance rates on monthly instalments, however this can boost the annual cost. Having to pay the premium yearly may help you save as much as 10 %. A great technique is to pay for the premium with an zero interest charge card and obvious your debt progressively.

8)Only claim whenever you need to. Declaring on the home insurance plan may have a significant effect on the premium you’ll pay from renewal. Keep in mind that property insurance is not a maintenance contract for your house. Keep the home inside a good condition of repair and purchase general maintenance when its needed. Posting claims for minor leaks and damaged home windows could cost you very much over time.

9)Buy via a procuring website. Purchasing property insurance via a procuring website can save you an additional fifty to some hundred pounds. Sites like Quidco will be sending a cheque for that procuring reward when the policy is live and rates are now being compensated. Mike Johnson the writer suggests for individuals requiring house building insurance visit uSwitch, property insurance where all the primary companies could be in comparison in the press of the mouse. read more

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Major Kinds of Property Insurance Coverage

For those who have a typical homeowner insurance plan, you need to know the fundamental coverage types offered. Ideally, these may be divided the following.


1.Structure of the house Included in the policy, the dwelling of your house is included and will also include repairing or repairs in case associated with a scenario. This kind of coverage is completed in compliance with what’s incorporated inside your policy. For example, this may be protection against hail, fire, amazing, hurricane or another kind of disaster. Included in structure coverage, the home, fittings like wiring, plumbing and heating systems and attached structures are covered. Observe that this kind of coverage doesn’t cover damage caused by earthquakes, routine tear and put on or surges. With regards to making certain your requirements are covered, when purchasing homeowners insurance, make certain you buy an insurance policy that’s appropriate for repairing your house.

2.Coverage for private Possessions Sports, furniture and clothing are called as personal possessions. Forms of covered inside your standard insurance plan. It covers products which are destroyed by problems or individuals which are stolen. You will find some products that have limited coverage for example guns, electronic data, money, and guns. To be able to make sure that your products are very well covered, make certain you do an effective home inventory. Other products for example real furs, silverware and jewelry will also be covered through this really is completed in dollar limits. This kind of coverage is called accidental disappearance.

3.Other Structures Coverage Most of the standard insurance plans provided by companies likewise incorporate detached structures included in the coverage. Garden storage sheds, garages, fittings, for example, retaining walls, fences, driveways, and pathways are the detached structures covered by the policy. Usually, these will take about 10 % of the overall coverage and you should talk to your insurance professional about these before deciding on the coverage to make use of.

4.Additional Expenses This kind of policy covers additional expenses incurred over the normal expenses and that are as a result of insurable challenges. It could include hotel and meal costs in addition to every other expense incurred while your house is getting reconstructed or fixed. Using this type of policy, a variance is going to be noted in one insurance provider to a different. You need to get an obvious picture of the items the insurance policy covers to be able to make sure you continue taking pleasure in standard living as lengthy because the renovation is happening.

5.Liability This is exactly what guarantees you’re covered against legal cases for damage to property and bodily damages triggered by anybody living in your yard. It offers medical no-fault coverage which guarantees all medical expenses are covered with no liability claims getting filed against you.

If you have any doubts regarding the property insurance cover you can contact us here.

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